About Us

Eduardo Masferré (1909-1995) is considered as the father of Philippine photography that left us Filipinos something poignant and noteworthy.  His works showed us how the people of Cordillera lived.  They told us stories we thought never happened.  They spoke of culture we never thought existed.  Through his photos, he showed us the past and yet they also tell us about our future.  He is truly a brilliant man.  A man with a vision.

Masferré  Inn & Restaurant offers only the best and the most glorious food, the coziest rooms and many artistic yet historically significant photos right in the center of Sagada.  We are a stone's throw from the old municipal hall in Poblacion.

Set on top of the majestic mountains of Sagada of exceptional beauty is Masferré Inn. Located near the old municipal hall,  Masferré Inn is only minutes away from the local church and museum.  Guests are guaranteed of a wonderful experience of luxury, comfort, and impeccable service in every visit to  Masferré Inn.

Visit our restaurant for either a light or heavy breakfast.  You can choose from our wide array of delicious Omelets, mouth-watering Sandwiches and Subs, hot Soups, homegrown Noodles and fresh healthy Salads.  We also recommend you try our fabulous Dinner Plates, served with your choice of sautéed bright green vegetables with rice or potato fries.  Whether you're craving for vegetables or meat dishes, we're sure we have it.

Contact us at +63 917 431 5225 and +63 939 462 8775.